Musical Weekend

I had a pretty eventful weekend, mostly full of taking pictures, recording, and listening to music. I started out snapping a few pics of my friend's studio, Noise Root, in San Jose, CA. He traded me some recording time for a website I designed for him and his studio. Thought it'd be fun to take a couple shots while I tracked a new song I wrote. I'll probably post the tune in a month or so when it's ready to go. So fun getting back into the studio!

After a day in the studio, I met up with my buddy Paul from Wax Moon, a phenomenal two piece rootsy/acoustic band. He and I drove up to Saratoga to see a backyard show with Peter Case at the Shady Lady. He was incredible. Can't wait to dive into all of his albums! After that, we drove up to SF for a Samantha Crain set at Amnesia in the mission. If you don't know Samantha Crain, now you do. You're welcome. Paul and I crashed at his bandmate's house in the Sunset area, stayed up super late, played music, woke up early, took some band photos, grabbed some breakfast at the Tennessee Grill, then went back to the house for a little band practice. Had a blast hanging with these dudes, always a good time!

After the jam session, Paul and I made our way back to the south bay. I tracked a few more guitars and vocals for my new tune and finally called it a day. Super tired, but so excited about all the fun stuff I got to do. Time to get some sleep. Night!